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Symi Animal Welfare is a non-profit organisation of animal lovers based on the small beautiful Greek island of Symi in the southern Dodecanese, just north of Rhodes.

SymiThe organisation was founded in 1997 and whilst our membership has changed over the years as people relocate or return to their home countries our prime concern remains the same: monitoring and protecting the welfare of the island's street cats and dogs.

The overall situation has greatly improved over recent years and local residents are more aware and interested in the animals living on the streets. The cat population is more controlled, the animals are healthier and happier.

KittensSAW relies almost entirely upon donations and we would like to extend our deep gratitude for the continuing support and generosity of our donors. Your kindness and genuine concern for animals enables our dedicated team of volunteers to continue our work for twelve months of the year.

You will find more information about SAW, who we are and what we do on the About pages. Regularly updated news of our activities is posted on the News pages with the most recent accessible from the headlines on the right hand side of this page.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about our work. All our contact details can be found on the Contact page.

Latest News

Early Spring Report

Finally, we are seeing more sunshine than rain and the island’s cat population is ‘coming out to play’.

Symi cats on feast days

11 pussy cats sitting on a wall.....

and when one frying pan goes upon the floor there'll be no cats at all sitting on the wall!!!

Three Orphans

This volunteer doesn’t only have bin-cats to feed in the winter!!

Better late than never

Winter feeding continues as volunteers take foodstuffs to their delegated stations, despite bitterly cold weather.

Vet Visit

Words can’t describe the last few hectic days on Symi when a visiting Australian vet neutered 74 cats.

Early Winter

The weather is slowly becoming more wintery now and many houses are closed up, their summer residents gone until at least Spring 2015.

Symi Animal Welfare

Relies on donations to fund their work on Symi.

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